Michael Thomas Originals is an upscale womenswear brand that focuses on luxury fabrics and embellishments for the sophisticated woman with discerning taste. The artisanal designs and detailed hand-craftsmanship makes each garment unique and special for all occasions.


Michael began making clothing at a young age, in wanting a certain look for him self he took to altering his clothing to give it its own unique touch, threw out the years he dabbled in clothing construction until 2009 he created his dates gown for his senior prom, where there he went home with a trophy for “ most Unique couple. That dress began the foundation for the brand. 


In 2011 Michael enrolled at the Art institute of Philadelphia for fashion design there he was introduced to a more inside look to the fashion industry, which was what pushed him more to learning to be a Designer. Michael was highly influenced by local dress makers Valerie Magnum and Clarice Thomas who both helped him to understand constructing garment for women.during his years at the art institute, Michael was granted with an amazing opportunity to intern at Oscar De la Renta, under the leadership of Oscar de la Renta, Laura Kim(creative director), Raffelle Ilardo(lead atelier) and Fernando Garcia(assistant designer), there he was able to gain more experience in luxury clothing design. Threw out Michael Thomas fashion career he was able to gain recognition by promenade Philadelphia Social-lite’s, spoke on the CW Morning news TV show, created gowns for red carpet events like the Grammys, and was featured in the Philadelphia Inquire as Philadelphia’s Prom Guru”.


Today michael devotes himself to helping to open the heart of young adults to custom clothing design, by teaching them the values in fabrics, color, style, cost, and “the way to wear”, we believe that people develop their true style while in their early teens, add to their style in their 20s and 30s, and perfect their style in their 40s and on. We feel by reaching the client in their early age allows longevity, and growth between the brand and the client.


What Michael Thomas would like to be known for, is his attention to details, his love for Silhouettes and draping, his eye to revamp vintage styles, and his hand for quality fabrics. He remains inspired, and is always looking to learn new things. He feels that in today’s fashion every one needs one investment piece, and feels what a better investment, then the one your wearing. But most of all he he wants you to simply remember the Michael Thomas Experience…